PENTHACK is a private company providing a disruptive and innovative contribution to cybersecurity, cyber defense, and the fight against cybercrime, operating in an ethical environment of cooperation and competition, following an action strategy in line with the protection and digital resilience of cyberspace, empowering public and private entities’ human and technological resources.

The origin of the brand Penthack

Penthack is born from the commitment to contribute with human and technological resources that are innovative and disruptive for Cybersecurity, Cyber Defence and Cyberspace.

(Pentha) originates from the shared vision of the 5 founders.

(Hack) from the idea that hacking plays an important role for the security of digital information.


We believe in a healthy ecosystem where organizations, psychologists, engineers, and hackers work together to protect digital information and fight cybercrime.


Penthack's mission is to provide the best contribution to education, training, and proactive protection of digital information security in a disruptive and innovative manner, flattening the cybercrime curve and refuting any form of exclusion of the hacker's role in the Digital Age.

Our Commitment

Ethical hacking

Ethical exploitation of vulnerabilities under confidentiality agreements.

Creativity and method

Selection of the best national and international hackers with skills tailored to your organization's assets.

Effectiveness vs. efficiency:

Identifying high impact vulnerabilities in a short time period.


Raise awareness and train for the security of digital information, and eliminate all forms of discrimination based on the “Hacker” concept.

Proactive cybersecurity

A step ahead of cybercrime.


Recognized experts and experienced professionals in their fields. Penthack is led by Hackers, University Professors, Strategic Business Consultants, and Experts in Research and development of digital defense and attack techniques.

Ana Castro


PhD. Researcher, and invited Assistant Professor at FDUP | School of Criminology. Expert in Clinical and Health Psychology with advanced specialization in Forensic Psychology by the Portuguese Psychologists Order.

André Baptista


Bug Bounty Hunter. HackerOne H1-202 Most Valuable Hacker. Assistant Professor at University of Porto (FCUP) - Master in Information Security. Computer Engineer. Security Researcher and Auditor.

Jorge Monteiro


Aerospace Engineer. Researcher at UBI. Post Graduation in Management and Business by Porto Business School and International Space University.

Miguel Oliveira


Strategic business consultant. Event planning and production. Business Administration and Management.

Miguel Regala


Bug Bounty Hunter. HackerOne - Hacker Advisory Board. Cobalt Researcher Advisory Board. Computer Engineer. Security Researcher and Auditor.

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