Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Open Letter from the Founders



Ana Castro

“Although cyberattacks are directed at machines, human behavior is the first and most important attack vector.”

Penthack emerges in an unprecedented context in human history. The coronavirus pandemic triggered a set of circumstances that generated a new pandemic, the pandemic of disaffection and mental health, aspects that I consider to be fundamental for the control of the economic crisis resulting from the first pandemic, and for the increase of personal vulnerabilities and exposure to cybercrime.

With a pioneering identity against cybercrime in Portugal, for its vision, mission, and services, I believe that Penthack belongs to the most advanced mainstream of the information security industry.

Cybersecurity is not just about technological knowledge. Although cyberattacks are directed at machines, human behavior is the first and most important attack vector.

As Penthack’s Founder and Head of Innovation, my mission is to incorporate an understanding of human behavior into cybersecurity products, processes, and services, and to actively contribute to a unique voice on a new understanding of the role of hacker and hacking for an industry information security increasingly innovative and resilient.

André Baptista

“Digital profiles are extensions of our identities. We need to wake up and secure them.”

We are digitally, deeply connected. Technology evolved our species, but it can also hurt us. We can’t effectively predict the aftermath of technology in the World. Information flows in our brains, from the cortex to the hippocampus, at higher rates every day.

We live and interact both physically and digitally. We get plugged in and dive into the digital space for hours or days, and as we go deeper, our perception of time changes. Is the light of consciousness slipping away into a physically invisible, but digital, supermassive black hole?

Digital profiles are extensions of our identities. We need to wake up and secure them. We can design and build a digital wall to be strong, but never indestructible. Bad actors can exploit vulnerabilities and destroy the wall in an unpredictable way. The best way to protect it is through an infinite cycle of creation and destruction, where attacks need to be launched regularly against information systems. This helps us to identify vulnerabilities, to rebuild and enhance the wall towards perfect security.

At Penthack, we want to build a safer future though the implementation of this cycle in organizations, by unleashing the cosmic power of ethical hacking. As a founder, hacker, and CTO, my goal is to make sure we adopt technology in an ethical manner and design systems to protect our society from the digital darkness.

Jorge Monteiro

“In a sense Astronauts and Hackers are alike: Astronauts explore Space, Hackers explore the Digital Dimension.”

Humans are explorers by nature. We seek what we don’t understand, the unknown. Curiosity is inside our genes. That is the reason we go to space, we wonder what is up there. Hackers are also very curious, they enjoy the digital unknown. In a sense they are alike: Astronauts explore Space, Hackers explore the Digital Dimension.

This exploration usually results in finding highly impactful vulnerabilities in information systems. And, unfortunately, perfect security does not exist. Vulnerabilities are a fact of life and cybercriminals are everywhere looking for holes in systems. More than ever, we need Digital Heroes on watch. Heroes that can identify threats, anticipate attacks and defend us. Heroes like Penthackers, an ethical hacker community using their talent and grit to keep us safe.

Ethically hacking is by far the most effective security practice. It is essentially a game of speed. The faster and better we can find bugs and fix them, the more secure we can be. Adopting an offensive-driven approach can help organizations shield their systems effectively and save their future. As Penthack’s Founder and COO, my goal is to pave the way for an ethical exploration of the digital world as the means for the protection and privacy of our society and future generations.

Miguel Oliveira

“We Save Your Future”

We live in the Digital Age.

The era of new experiences. The one that in a very discreet and silent way entered our lives, without asking permission, and leveraged us to another dimension. Penthack, appears with the objective of protecting it. The constant digital changes, in all business areas, will lead the most skeptical minds to a new mindset, to adapt to the new investment needs in security and prevention.

We are going to make history.

I believe that Penthack’s contribution will be of high importance in the security of this Digital Age. Which will be described in the future, with the same relevance of the invention of the steam engine, and the impact it had on the change of the Industry, on a World scale. As Founder and CEO, I aim to lead PENTHACK to the World reference in the area of cybersecurity.

“We Save Your Future”.

Miguel Regala

“Being one step ahead of the competition is not a requirement, but a necessity.”

In the present times, a new and emerging field of warfare has taken as much importance as the likes of conventional theatres of war of land, air and naval warfare - the cyberspace.

Malicious groups of hackers, private companies and state sponsored actors constantly engage in attack and defense operations in this field, unbestown to the general public. Consequences of a successful cyber attack on an organization or country can have long lasting repercussions and reshape the global geopolitical landscape, in a matter only nuclear weapons could do before.

Such a critical field requires innovative thinking, brand new approaches and a stream of state of the art solutions developed by highly skilled individuals. Being one step ahead of the competition is not a requirement, but a necessity.

As founder and head of hacking, my role will be to carefully vet, liaison, coordinate and train the best hackers to provide meaningful, impactful vulnerabilities to advance the security posture of the organizations and help secure and save their future.

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