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Hacking is a “superpower” of enormous social and civic responsibility in the Digital Age.

Penthackers are curious, persistent, resilient, with a unique view of the digital assets of Organizations. They exploit systems creatively and ethically, in accordance with the established confidentiality policies and agreements. They report vulnerabilities following defined protocols and seek to overcome challenges in a collaboration-friendly environment.

The role of Penthackers


The prevention and identification of digital vulnerabilities is carried out by Penthackers, experts in information security.

Penthacker Manifesto

We are creative and we break digital barriers through the power of knowledge. Many of us fight for the freedom of information, for the right to privacy, and for free speech, among many other causes that unite and guide us throughout our existence.

Being a hacker is a mindset. It is a way of thinking and existing.

Eternal students, we are humble. We learn constantly, improving over time. We are persistent in our eternal search.

Despite the negative connotation of the word “Hacker”, many of us use their skills at the service of different organizations, all over the world, so that digital threats and risks are mitigated and controlled. We do our best and make contributions to live in a safer world.

We, hackers, have a critical role to play in the Digital Age: protect Humanity from the real negative effects that actions in the digital dimension cause, being one step ahead of dishonest actors.

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Penthackers, rise up!

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