Corporate Hacking

Cybercrime usually targets organizations due to their lack of investment and capacity in human and technological resources related to Information Security. In Organizations, the digital exposure of workers and clients must be confidential and protected.

Penthackers were helpful in protecting:
Penthack Corporate Hacking

One step ahead of cybercrime. Hacking is the best way to effectively protect organizations from digital attacks.

Live Hacking

Private event where high impact vulnerabilities are identified within a short period of time (bug bounty model).

High Impact Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities reported by Penthackers usually come with a high severity impact. If exploited by cybercriminals, they would result in devastating attacks with great damage to Organizations.

Time Limit

Vulnerabilities identified within a short period of time (predefined).

Bug Bounty Model

Results-driven investment. Vulnerabilities are rewarded according to their severity and impact.


These events promote collaboration and healthy competition between hackers, and also collaboration and networking between hackers and internal security teams, resulting in the identification of impactful vulnerabilities.


Our penetration tests are performed according to the digital needs of organizations and include way more than essential audits for both web and mobile apps, infrastructures, networks, and other digital assets.

Blue Team
Respond and Recover

Our response team is always ready to help in case of a security incident. Our team specializes in forensics and is skilled in tracking digital evidence in devices, computers, and servers for an agile resolution, mitigation, identification of attack vectors, and data recovery.

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IT Risk Assessment
Prevent and Anticipate

Organizations’ digital assets must be regularly assessed within a sense of continuous improvement and in order to keep updated maps of attack surface, risk and impact mitigation. We assist in the implementation of effective risk management processes and in the planning of effective defense and response strategies.

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