Penthack School of Cybersecurity

At Penthack School of Cybersecurity, we are committed to train the best hackers in Portugal. A multidisciplinary team of experts and the most prestigious national and international hackers - Penthackers - teach modern security and share privileged knowledge about information security.

Who should enroll?

The Penthack School of Cybersecurity is perfect for all social players in cyberspace - students, professionals, and executives - looking for an education with strong empirical and scientific components.

What do we offer?

We provide channels for professional opportunities - such as hacker training for our community of Penthackers - and we promote workshops and courses about the dangers of digital evolution, specifically in the field of organizational cybersecurity.

Specialized and Tailored Education for Organizations

Updated and specialized knowledge about the protection of digital assets via tailored workshops, so that Organizations can improve the resilience of their human resources.

Hacker Education

Developing and harnessing talent in our community of Penthackers through training and courses focused on ethical, creative, and collaborative hacking.

Education for Executives

Tailored and specialized training for senior and technical Executives, coaching and keeping them up to date, so they can protect their digital assets.

Production of Educational and Networking Events

Events that gather hackers, specialists, and entrepreneurs, with the aim of updating the community on new developments in cybersecurity.

Regarding School of Cybersecurity, please contact us through:

[email protected]

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