Ethically hacking for a safer future.

Detecting and minimizing vulnerabilities in Information Systems is both an art and the key to proper digital security.

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Creating the future you wish you would live in.

Penthack brings to life the vision of cybersecurity thanks to a Team of Experts in Engineering, Information Security, Research, and Psychology, joining forces with a Worldwide Community of Ethical Hackers – The Penthackers.

Corporate Hacking

We materialize the concept of Corporate Hacking through our Corporate Services for Public and Private Entities.


Cybersecurity School

We are the creators of Penthack School of Cybersecurity, a prestigious Education and Training initiative for Hackers, Executives, and Professionals in the field of Information Security.


Research and Innovation Center

We challenge cybercrime at our Research and Innovation Center, where we resort to Artificial Intelligence and apply science to technology.


Why Penthack

Disruptive services

We provide a set of disruptive and innovative services for the proactive promotion of cybersecurity and fight against cybercrime, establishing an interaction between Penthackers and public and private entities.

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Live hacking

Private event where high impact vulnerabilities are identified within a short period of time (bug bounty model).


Penetration tests on organizations done by hackers with selected competences and specialities.

Blue team

Response team ready to go in the event of an offensive security attack.

IT risk assessment

Support in the implementation of effective risk analysis and management practices and in planning effective defense and response strategies.


The Penthackers - experts in research and development of digital defense and attack techniques - are experienced in browsing critical systems of international Organizations with advanced digital security devices, and in training and coaching international hacking teams.

Penthacker Manifesto

We, hackers, have a critical role to play in the Digital Age: protect Humanity from the real negative effects that actions in the digital dimension cause, being one step ahead of dishonest actors.

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Penthacker Manifesto

Hackers are selected according to specific parameters and act in compliance with applicable legislation in the field of the Cybercrime Act, while being protected by the General Data Protection Regulation.

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Penthackers are always protecting us in the digital world. Penthack helps you safeguard the future of your organization.

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